2.40 Balzer Rod, Reel Line Combo

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2.40 Balzer 71 North Baltic 2 piece Rod, cast weight 30g-125g

The Rod

Edition 71° North 3.0 - the success story continues!

This is the third generation of our already legendary 71° North rod series. Using the latest high-modulus carbon materials these rods are even lighter and slimmer than previous models.

The rod blanks are super strong, durable and have been equipped with high-quality FUJI reel seats. The split Duplon handles guarantee a firm grip and perfect handling and they work perfectly with the slick design of the 71° North rod series.

All travel rods are tripartite and with a 70cm transport length fit inside most conventional suitcases and bags. They also fit just as easily under the seat or in the boot of your car. No more lowering of seats or rods poking passengers and drivers - never leave the house without fishing rod again!

All rods come stored in a slick and water resistant neoprene rod bag!


  • High modulus IM-12 carbon fibre
  • FUJI reel seat
  • Underwinded titanium SIC guides
  • Divided Duplon handles guaranteeing a firm grip
  • Neoprene rod bag
  • Boat rods with an aluminium cross butt

The reel

Alegra GT 8350

Stylish appearance and impeccable running characteristics distinguish this reel. A special visual feature is the decoration with KW IM-12 carbon fiber.
Features: 7 precision ball bearings + 1 needle bearing, S-stroke system, Bail Fix System, Total Tolerance Control System (T.T.C.), Strong Bail Concept, Quick Stop System (Q.S.S.), Anti Swing System (A.S.S.), strong brake, anti-twist line roller, aluminum long throw spool and nylon/ABS replacement spool, aluminum quick release crank. Choice of left or right hand operation.


Balzer Iron Line 8 15.4kg .21mm Braid

Neoprene Rod bag.