A huge Gurnard taken in the Firth of Thames fell for this King Charlie 110gram Poison Arrow
A nice King Taken on a Charlie Spratt 60g in 40metres north of Anchorite Rock
Nice Fat snapper grabbed a 30g Mini Wobbler with a skirt
Filming the action of a Charlie Bright Skirts when this happened!!
110g King Charlie (Big Bright) with a pink (Charlie Skirts)
In a happy customers words 
"Another great morning out in the bay. 3 species couldn't resist the evil Golange"
The winner of the summer promotion with a nice catch on his new Balzer Rod Reel Combo
A nice Rat Fell for this 110gram King Charlie with a Pink Charlie Skirts
Casting a Mini Wobbler (Hazard Skirts) under the Moored boats in Mangawhai this nice rat king took a liking to the Pink, a mighty scrap entailed as my daughter watched on! swam free to grow bigger!
Nice little Kahawhai taken on a Mini Wobbler (SEAWEED)
Dad with a nice Snapper taken on a Mini Wobbler (golange) while spinning for Kahawhai.
Rod with a 62cm Snapper taken up from chelsea sugar works on a Charlie Mac Skirts
Extra big Slimy Mac took a liking to a Charlie Spratt!
Leroy caught this nice Gurnard on first drop out of its packet. 
Charlie Pink Skirts

  Rod with a nice snapper on a Mini Mac Skirt


Gary with Barrcouta that took a liking to a CHARLIE MAC



Andrew with a nice snapper taken on a MINI SPRATT


Caught off Piha, 40 metres taken on first drop.
Max, 40 metres behind Tiri, taken first drop  


  Off a Kayak, taken on Charlie Squid 

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